Handmade snoods, drying coats, and belly bands designed to stay put without discomfort.

Snoods are hand sewn using elastic thread and several rows of shirring which causes less damage to the coat.


belly band
Belly bands are hand sewn from fleece allowing a slight stretch for better fit. Velcro closure allows for easy on/off and adjustments.
(Lining belly bands with a sanitary pad will extend time between washings)


Drying coats are made using 4-way stretch fabric to help control your dogs coat after bathing.


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Disclaimer: Snoods/drying coats/belly bands should be worn only while dog is supervised. Buyer assumes all liability associated with use.

Some of our satisfied customers...

"I bought some snoods from you and really love them... Best snoods ever!"
~Debra J.


"The snoods arrived in the mail yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful!! I really like the sparkle on both of them. I am so pleased with the quality of both snoods. Thank you!!
I've enclosed a picture of my 18 week old puppy named Kelsie wearing her new snood the morning.
Thank you!"
~Karla S


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